11 December, 2021


Thank You Father for Your Word, and for what it does to our heart when we read and study it. Glory be to You! You are faithful to Your people. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! This is the day You have made, and we shall rejoice and be glad in it every day. We all want to say to Your Son Jesus today, Happy Birthday to you. Holy Spirit help us to say this each day of the year, because we are so grateful for Him coming to deliver us from all evil. He is our Shepherd, and we shall not want for anything in this life, thank You Lord. Help us to always walk in Your Holy Spirit. The joy of knowing You Lord is our strength. Help us to always know Jesus is the reason for the season, and not just for gifts. Jesus, You are our greatest gift! Thank You Father God for giving Him to us, and we praise You through-out the year. Bless every family, bless our leaders, bless the chosen people, bless the military and their families, bless all homeless, bless all who are in need of You in their lives, thank You for glad tidings in their hearts every day. Bless the nativity to come alive in our hearts forever more. If there is division in any family, please bring them together in peace. This we ask in Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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