Bible Study: War in the Mind/Walking in the Spirit


May God be blessed and glorified as I share this in my new bible study introduction. I really try not to get too personal with my bible study sharing, but God prompt my heart to share this with this bible study introduction. Time is changing and time is in God’s hand. I trust God with my whole heart. I had to grow to this point through my personal devotional quiet time with God. My devotional time came from God’s leading through the Holy Spirit. Thank You Jesus! A few years ago, I started to spend at least an hour in my personal quiet time with the Lord, and it has blessed me tremendously. But I noticed that there were a battle going on in my mind. I didn’t take action then but now God has brought this to my attention, so I can deal with it through His help. I was drawn to Dr. Joyce Meyer’s book “Battlefield of the mind.” A great book! I am led to call this bible study “War in the Mind.” It will be joined with my original bible study “Walking in the Spirit.”

In this study we will learn to walk in the Spirit of God when these battles come to our mind. Our goal in this study is to be led by the Holy Spirit of God, and commune with the Holy Spirit as a person in the Holy Trinity. We must fellowship with Him and trust Him to lead us in the path of righteousness. We must trust Him to teach us the ways and the Word of God, (Psalm 16:11). We should know Him as the divine Teacher. We will read the book of Romans on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and we will do questions at the end of each lesson, with a good devotion.

Please pay close attention to the following as we read the book of Romans . . .

  • Walk according to the Spirit (Romans 8:2-4).
  • Set your mind on the things of the Spirit (Romans 8:5-8).
  • Put to death the deeds of the body by the Spirit (Romans 8:13).
  • Be led by the Spirit (Romans 8:14).
  • Know the Fatherhood of God by the Spirit (Romans 8:15-17).
  • Hope in the Spirit (Romans 8:23-25).
  • Pray in the Spirit (Romans 8:26-27). In other passages Paul mentions —
  • Be filled with the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18).
  • Serve in the Spirit (Romans 7:6; 15:16).
  • Love by the Spirit (Romans 15:30; Galatians 5:22-23; Colossian 1:8).

Listen to this Song:

Spirit I Come, not knowing what to say
Spirit I come, and needing help to pray
Spirit I come, but my weaknesses are getting in the way
Spirit I come.
Help me as I pray
Search my heart, Lord, know my mind
In my weakness join to help me
Wordless groanings
Spirit intercede for me
Help me as I pray


Father God, we come to You through the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, we need You to help us follow Your leading daily. As we study this lesson help us to rightly divide the Word of God in our thoughts, hearts, minds, and ways. We desire to walk by Your guidance, to seek God more by your leadership, and to walk daily as You led us. We pray for divine revelation knowledge of walking in Your Holy Spirit. We know that walking in the Spirit pleases You, so we desire to walk by Your Holy Spirit always. Amen.


WEEK # 1Walk in the Spirit

a). The Mind is a battlefield.

b). Do you have the mind of Christ?

c). Think Positive.

WEEK # 2 Set Your Mind on the Things of the Spirit

a). Don’t Give Up.

b). Thinking is great but Doing is better.

c). Don’t Choose Doubt.

WEEK # 3 Put to Death the Deeds of the flesh by the Spirit

a). Don’t Waste Today.

b). Want to do what is right?

c). Think Thankful-Transform your Mind

WEEK # 4 “Be Led by the Spirit”

a). Set your mind and keep it set

b). Lift your eyes and look

c). Cast your care, not your responsibility

WEEK # 5 Know the Fatherhood of God by the Spirit

a). A New Mind.

b). Winning the Battle.

c). The Dangers of Complaining.

WEEK # 6Hope in the Spirit

a). The all-important “P” Word.

b). Truth is Light.

c). Choose to Believe.

WEEK # 7 Letting the Holy Spirit Lead

a). Keep on Fighting.

c). Stand Still and know that I am God.

WEEK # 8 Conclusion

Weekly Reading: The Book of Romans (16 Chapters)

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