I love to study the “The Seven Last Sayings” upon the cross during “Passion Week.” It will begin on (4/10/22 through 4/17/22): It will last longer than Passion Week. Each year it has blessed my heart to do the seven last sayings, but this year I will go into details of the seven last sayings. It will help to understand redemption, atonement, reconciliation, pass-over, remission, sacrifice, baptism, salvation, and most of all, Passion Week itself, and the portrait of God’s love for His creation. Most of the sayings are in the book of Luke and John. I will be reading the book of Luke. During this (Passion Week) I truly believe by studying this again will reveal to me that God still loves His people, regardless of the situation we are facing in this world today. Studying God’s Word and truly seeking His face reveal more about Him, about Jesus, about the Holy Spirit, about the past events, about the future events, and it will strength our hearts to live for Him.

God bless all who take joy in studying His Word.

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