Bonus Points: Day 7

Summary of all the Apostles in each book:

MatthewMarkLukeJohn Acts of Apostle 
AndrewAndrewAndrew (Peter’s brother)Andrew


(Simon Peter’s brother)

Thaddaeus)ThaddaeusJudas (son of James)Judas (not Iscariot)Judas (son of James, referred to as brother in some translations) 
Judas IscariotJudas IscariotJudas IscariotJudas (son of Simon Iscariot)Judas (replaced by Matthias) 
MatthewMatthew LeviMatthew-LeviNot mentionedMatthew 
James (son of Alphaeus)James (son of Alphaeus)James (son of Alphaeus)Not mentionedJames (son of Alphaeus) 
Simon (the Canaanite)Simon (The Cananaean)Simon (who was called Zealot)Not mentionedSimon (the Zealot) 
James (son of Zebedee)James (son of Zebedee) one of the BoanergesJamesOne of the sons of ZebedeeJohn 
Simon Peter (also known as Peter)Simon (to whom He gave the name Peter)Simon, whom He named PeterSimon Peter (Cephas, which is translated Peter) Peter 

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